AFHD’s Mission

Is to bring K-5 Universal Primary Education to 30 million children of the poor and Adult Literacy to their parents in Rural Villages of Pakistan by Year 2015 so that these children are not exploited by fundamentalists and extremists. This also meets the UNDP’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by Year 2015. Peace and prosperity are achievaable through Education For All.

About AFHD


The American Fund for Human Development (AFHD) was initiated by a group of altruistic American citizens to contribute to the human cause across the world. Having achieved a strong reputation in their individual circles, these Samaritans have pledged to play their role in the betterment of the global society.

AFHD is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, and is in compliance with the IRS, while following the Treasury Department guidelines for anti-terrorism.

Vision of AFHD
AFHD intends to be the chain that binds the kindness in a man’s heart, to the instance that requires and deserves an action of such kindness.

AFHD Is a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization – IRS Tax-Exempt ID
#20-1339408 • All Contributions and Donations Are Tax-Deductible As
Permitted by Law

Financial Information

What We Do

The AFHD is a reservoir of resources which can be tapped for the alleviation of poverty, propagation of education and provision of healthcare for the needy, helpless and underprivileged citizens of the world.

We identify spiritually rewarding opportunities throughout the world and bring them to theknowledge of our benevolent donors. Often our donors have the option to donate to the cause they find most worthy. They can track the utilization of their grants and be at ease with the fulfillment of their generosity.

The management of AFHD is unceasingly on the lookout for projects worldwide, allowing donors access to a range of philanthropic causes that need monetary aid. Our systems offer a fully transparent, highly efficient method of “donating” to the needy.

Our donors simply need to identify a cause and AFHD will ensure that the grants reach the recipient effectively. All projects funded by AFHD are subject to financial audit to ensure transparency.


Our Leadership


AFHD Board

President: Mrs. Aiesha Ghauri
Vice President – West Coast: Mr. Pervaiz Lodhie
Vice President – Mid West: Mr. Omair Siraj
Vice President – East Coast: Mr. Suhail Muzaffar
Dr. Sattar Abassi
Mr. Raza Bokhari
Mr. Jim Moody
Mr. Naveed Qureshi
Ms. Mehreen Atiq
Mr. Shamim Rehman
Ms. Sofia Hayaud-din
Mr. Shaan Lodhie
Ms. Kiran Lodhie Zaman
Ms. Kaval Lodhie
Secretary – Mr. Ram Ramlogan

AFHD Advisory Board

Mr. Naseem Ashraf
Mr. Shoaib Kothawala
Mr. Asim Ashary
Mr. Salim Adaya
Mr. Najeeb Ghauri
Mr. Farrokh Captain


Pehli Kiran
“First Ray
of Light”

To this day, there are rural and poor communities around the world with no electric grid, which means no light after dark. Since 2003, this initiative has gifted over four thousand underprivileged families with solar-powered LED lighting, drastically improving their lives overnight.
Read More

One of our newest and most exciting initiatives is “Barefoot Basketball”, in which we’ve been setting up basketball half courts in rural villages of Pakistan. In many cases, the villagers haven’t even ever heard of the sport before. In some villages, the children play barefoot, hence the initiative’s name.Read More
The impoverished villagers had no nearby access to water, so they’d send women and children to fetch it. They would have to travel for hours and hours on foot in the heat, carrying heavy water pots to the nearest running river water and all the way back to their village with now filled, heavier pots. Because the water is unsanitary, the villagers would only be able to use that water to wash and shower, not drink or cook with. Also, the supply would be limited, so the villagers would have to use the water conservatively to ration it.Read More
Contact Us

(888) 601-2343

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